Services for New Property Purchasers

Investment Advisory and Due Diligence:

BIPM has worked with investment funds and high net worth individuals since its inception and has significant experience in dealing with each stage of the investment process from the initial assessment of an investment proposal to the final closing of the transaction. BIPM offers the following services:

  • Analysis of clients requirements
  • Formulation of strategy based on clients investment objectives
  • Sourcing properties to meet clients investment objectives
  • Commericial assessment of investment opportunity and recommendation
  • Co-ordination of due diligence team including, legal, technical and tax
  • Review of due diligence advice and recommendation
  • Negotiation of purchase contract
  • Co-ordination of finance

BIPM works independently of all brokers, banks and professionals and will act in the best interests of its clients at all times. BIPM holds at its core the principals of Trust, Transparency and Independence and will focus on minimising the up front investment costs for each acquisition.

Property and Asset Management:

BIPM is a highly experienced property and asset manager. BIPM offers the following management services to new and existing property owners:

  • Property and asset management including full back-office support
  • Assistance in reletting vacant space
  • Portfolio review, assessment and optimisation advice
  • Cost savings on management of portfolio and individual properties
  • Optimisation of rental levels and space maximisation
  • Review the potential for realising development opportunities or alternative uses
  • Resolution of planning issues particularly with regard to residential property
  • Resolution of finance issues

BIPM is an experienced residential and commercial property and asset manager with over €125m of property under management.

Property Development & Project Management:

BIPM has experience in developing property in Germany, Portugal, Ireland and the UK. BIPM has been involved in the following areas:

  • Assessment of development proposals
  • Negotiation of contracts in Joint Venture structures
  • Co-ordination of professional teams
  • Negotiation with construction companies
  • Financing of developments
  • Co-ordination and negotiation of sale of end product
  • Problem resolution
  • Project management

BIPM has a proven track record in each of the areas identified above and offers its clients an experienced, professional team who are focused on meeting the clients objectives at all times.