Services for Existing Property Owners

Advisory Services:

BIPM has extensive experience in both assembling and reviewing investment properties and portfolios on behalf of high net worth individuals and investment funds. BIPM offers the following services:

  • Strategic review of investment property/portfolio
  • Formulation of strategy based on client needs
  • Report on findings and recommendations
  • Implementation of recommendations
  • Review of target property for addition to existing portfolio
  • Review of property for disposal

BIPM works independently of all brokers, banks and professionals and will act in the best interests of its clients at all times.

Acquisitions and Disposals:

BIPM has built up a strong network of clients and professionals and is active in acquiring and disposing of properties on their behalf. BIPM offers the following services in this area:


  • Analysis of clients requirements
  • Formulation of strategy based on clients investment objectives
  • Sourcing properties to meet clients investment objectives
  • Commericial assessment of investment opportunity and recommendation
  • Co-ordination of due diligence team including, legal, technical and tax
  • Review of due diligence advice and recommendation
  • Negotiation of purchase contract
  • Co-ordination of finance


  • Review of property for disposal
  • Recommendation on sales price and terms
  • Sourcing buyer
  • Negotiation of sales agreement
  • Co-ordination and conclusion of sales process
  • Negotiation with bank regarding outstanding loan
  • Management of property hand-over

Property and Asset Management:

BIPM is a highly experienced property and asset manager. BIPM offers the following management services to new and existing property owners:

  • Property and asset management including full back-office support
  • Assistance in reletting vacant space
  • Portfolio review, assessment and optimisation advice
  • Cost savings on management of portfolio and individual properties
  • Optimisation of rental levels and space maximisation
  • Review the potential for realising development opportunities or alternative uses
  • Resolution of planning issues particularly with regard to residential property
  • Resolution of finance issues

BIPM is an experienced residential and commercial property and asset manager with over €125m of property under management.

Property Development & Project Management:

BIPM has experience in developing property in Germany, Portugal, Ireland and the UK. BIPM has been involved in the following areas:

  • Assessment of development proposals
  • Negotiation of contracts in Joint Venture structures
  • Co-ordination of professional teams
  • Negotiation with construction companies
  • Financing of developments
  • Co-ordination and negotiation of sale of end product
  • Problem resolution
  • Project management

BIPM has a proven track record in each of the areas identified above and offers its clients an experienced, professional team who are focused on meeting the clients objectives at all times.